Pre-existing Business

Do you have a business that requires additional capital investment? Let our experts join your efforts, provide guidance and add value to your business through private equity investment.

Captain Davo strives to strengthen the performance of every business it touches by planning as well as executing a combination of strategic measures that aim at long-term growth, boosted productivity, and capital-usage efficiency.


During the initial phase, post-closing, we support our new partners to evaluate and activate carefully put together plans that aim to grab immediate opportunities and solidify the direction of funds invested.

After that, our focus will spread across pre-mid-term performance models, with formulas for an exit strategy in the backend. We will also work with full force towards transforming the performance metrics of the venture.


We will thoroughly customise projects we are involved in according to pre-determined business objectives to ensure it stays in the best direction possible.

To do so, we provide services that include quick assessments of the daily functions, brainstorming short-term goals, operational analysis and product development from the ground up.

Expertise & Technology

Our talented experts strive to keep up with digital tools and advanced analytics to meet benchmarks concerning commercial and operational processes.

Captain Davo’s operational and performance-based excellence has enabled us to make a name for ourselves in the capital investment and private equity space. We try to encompass innovative initiatives to fuel expansion activities crucial for business performance.


People like us, apparently.

Davo was able to advise my business to achieve new levels of success. The team is great to work with and identified some huge areas of improvement we’d overlooked.

Tim B

Starting a business is really tough, especially if you can’t raise the capital. We pitched Davo an investment idea, they committed to our business model which as allowed us to penetrate the market.

Daniel H

Engaging Davo was one of the best decisions I made for my business. While working with the team we were able to align the layout and future growth of the company. Now we’re on the right path with exponential growth.

Georgina H