Capital Investment

Regardless of what the world has gone through in the past couple of years, the majority of us survived, people have fresh ideas, and business figures are again going up.

However, new businesses that operate in highly competitive service and product industries might find it hard to pool enough capital to set up shop in a cut-throat business environment.

We are proud to let you know that we have invested over $1,000,000 into new and under-developed businesses as a relatively new player! And we are not stopping there.
Funding new startups and existing businesses and great mentorship are some of the most effective ways to take off with the rebounding economy.

New Venture Risks Analysis

Although you might have a great idea and a plan B, finding willing investors to jump into your business quickly can prove to be challenging. This also heavily depends upon the type of business idea you have. Let’s look at an example to get a better understanding.

For instance, guarantee projects like thoroughly evaluated real estate or ventures that possess tangible property of value will find very little problems to get capital investment from banks. On the other hand, business ideas that fall under the high-risk category, such as a restaurant, might find it significantly difficult to find funding because of their high failure rate.

As much as a restaurant business is considered risky, it’s got a multitude of opportunities for flourishing if planned and devised carefully. Of course, it is a highly capital intensive venture that will require significant investment for things like re-construction, hardware and staffing.

A very common tendency for such ventures is to secure investment from wealthy family or friends. However, that cannot be the case with everyone. Despite these hurdles, if you choose to go forward and materialise your idea that you can transform into a great business, you will need to approach venture capital firms or small business investors in Australia who can support your future establishment in exchange for equity.

How can we help?

At Captain Davo, we are highly motivated and expect the following year to be quite rewarding for all of us. A big change from the adversities caused by the pandemic. We look to deploy more capital, up distributions, and serve bright prospects the best way we can.