Private Equity

We, at Captain Davo, proudly describe ourselves as one of the most enthusiastic and aspiring players in the global finance market, looking to vastly contribute and perform while
exponentially benefitting our investor and business partners. We have the experience and expertise to help you thrive and navigate the highly competitive, disruptive business environment. Apart from private equity investing, we are prepared to offer support to enhance the performance and efficiency of your operations.

With Captain Davo, our team of experts will join you as your full-time business partner from initial setups to day-to-day activities and decision making. We will support you by providing a broad range of back-office solutions critical for staying up-to-date and compliant from a financial, legal, and risk management perspective.

Here’s the kind of service departments we can form to help businesses and leaders make their decision-making processes and business affairs more speedy and efficient.

  • Managing compound investment layouts and guiding partner businesses on expansion and operations in new locations.
  • We have plenty of experience in the investment sector, including acquisitions, co-investment, distressed debt, capital markets, restructurings and operational transformation.
  • Support for utilising funds and other assets from the right legal and financial angles significantly reduces risk and improves governance and control.
  • Depending upon contracts drawn, we can take care of the fund management, allowing you to focus on your main business.
  • Joint expert support for businesses looking to expand and operate overseas. Our integrated accounting and tax, HR and payroll, and corporate secretarial services make business administration safe and cost-effective.