Venture Capital

Are you a part of a team that holds that killer idea and groundwork that is tomorrow’s billion-dollar giant? We welcome you to Captain Davo Consulting, a venture capital firm in Australia. Our expert advisors and investors are keen on working with performance-based startups to churn excellent value for the long term.

At Captain Davo, we have devised a rapid growth strategy for all kinds of startups across the globe. No matter the location of the business or where their capital is deployed, we can provide support and venture capital funding. Our goal consistently remains to help the bold and gifted who have skilfully put together amazing companies.

Our Foundation & Offerings

As for investing in the venture capital space in Australia, we intend to support and invest in fresh ideas as well as companies in their growth stage. While doing so, our main focus will also span across your day to day efforts to ensure sustainable growth that will compound over time.

We have several programs that you can apply for, created in partnership with renowned investors and industry experts, from the ground level to top management executives of some of the best companies in the world. Our team comprises a tight-knit community of founders that helps startups that have found product-market balance.

Such team effort helps us pool the very best of professionals and business expertise to help new ventures achieve their aspirations to build world-class companies globally. So to aid budding founders across the world or those looking to start-up, we have filtered some of the key Captain Davo’s expertise and findings in our Founder Starter Pack.

A Holistic Mindset

Our core belief revolves around making healthy business choices that significantly contribute to the world and its people. A mindful approach and timely execution at the very beginning of a startup’s journey is just as imperative as the quality of its product or service. Apply for our start-up program and let us provide an overview of some of the key fundamentals that you should think about, such as your vision, nature of business, product and performance.